The Edwards Aquifer

The Edwards Aquifer is a unique and special place to Central Texas. The aquifer serves a little under two million people in Central Texas with fresh water and is used for numerous purposes including agriculture, recreation, and personal use. It has four main zones which consist of the contributing zone, recharge zone, transition zone, and the artesian zone. The Edwards Aquifer is under increasing pressure from over use and development. With more encroachment in the area, in and along the recharge zone, there is cause for concern regarding the future of the aquifer.

The Problem

 Extracting more water than the aquifer can replenish and pollution are a few major threats to the aquifer system and some of its unique inhabitants. Pollution from point and non point sources can seep into the porous limestone within the recharge zone and aquifer and spoil this great natural resource we have and that many people rely on. Wastewater spills are a big problem for the aquifer that can cause irreversible damage to the health of the aquifer and the people that consume it.