Geo 4427 - Spring 2017
Professor: Dr. Yihong Yuan
Lab Instructor: Jinhee Lee
Hill Country Planning is a GIS and Urban Planning group based out of San Marcos, TX. We aim to work closely with local municipal governments to integrate GIS into the workplace in an inexpensive, efficient way.
Bullís Eye GPS & Suitability Services is a company based in San Marcos, Texas that focuses on location analysis and survey digitization. Formed in January 2017, this company sets out to expand their understanding on digitization, suitability, and GPS to provide affordable GIS services to their clients.
Geographers of Austin Texas is a GIS based consulting firm with experienced analyst, environmentalist, projet managers etc. Our core objective is to serve and guide state and local companies in creating a manageable and cost effective healthy environment for all persons.
                                                            geospatial information to
                                                           explain and prevent
                                                           contamination issues.