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Robert Gannon
I am finishing my Bachelor's degree in Geographical Information Science (GIS) with a minor in Biology. I will be graduating from Texas State University in December 2015. I enjoy using ArcGIS and Adobe Illustrator to build and design maps. I plan to stay in Texas after completing my degree and hopefully work for Texas Parks and Wildlife or something similar that will make use of my degree.
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Matt Ahrens
I will be graduating in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Systems and a minor in Criminal Justice. I will then be attending Texas A&M University - College Station to pursue a Master of Science in Geography. I plan to use my master's degree to supplement my current knowledge of GIS and geography and help me to be more successful in the future with finding a job and being productive in the work place.
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George Caracostis
I am currently finishing a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography with GIS and Location Analysis certificates, and a Minor in Business Administration. With plans to graduate in the spring semester of 2015, I will be heading back to my home city of Houston, TX to further my education in GIS and Python scripting. I will continue to utilize my GIS education by seeking employment in the field, as well as, working on self-project of GIS applied real estate location analysis.
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