Geo 4427 - Spring 2013
Professor: Dr. Alberto Giordano
Lab Instructor: Ryan Schuermann
T.E.E.G.S. is committed to providing the highest quality GIS services to assist cities in ensuring that municipal services such as transportation systems and emergency services are able to function in a way that best serves the community and its citizens.
Trees in UrBan Areas (TUBA) is a small consulting firm based in San Marcos, Texas. We are dedicated to improving water quality and preserving our natural areas in Central Texas by utilizing our speciality in raster data manipulation and water flow analysis.
Here at CenTex 360 we are committed to providing our clients with the very best service to assist your business' decision making. We are a group of dedicated professionals bringing low cost GIS solution to our valued clients and provide a full range of GIS services including: data collection, spatial analysis, visualization, and technical support.
Cypress cartographic Solutions is a San Marcos based GIS company that provides accurate, affordable and comprehensive GIS data and services to meet your needs. We are the leading GIS professionals in central Texas and aim to support the unique needs of every business.
WALK is a GIS company that focuses on improving health and wellbeing. We do so by creating maps that show sidewalk connectivity so we can promote walking instead of driving. In addition to this, we also use these to help cities see where sidewalks need to be added and repaired. WALK is dedicated to making cities safer and more walkable.