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Rachel Cavin
Rachel Cavin is a Physical Geography major at Texas State University. Her primary interests are geomorphology, biogeography, biogeomorphology, remote sensing and zoogeomorphology. She will be entering the Geography Master of Science program at Texas State University in the Fall of 2013. Her goal is to be a tenured professor of Physical Geography at a research institution. Outside of school, she enjoys cooking, crafting, gardening, jogging, hiking, video games, and reading.
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James Dodds
I am an Anthropology Major with a minor in Geography. My interest is specifically in ancient Mesoamerican pictogram writing systems and iconography. When not in school, I try to travel the world and experience as many different cultures as I can.
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Kyler McNew
Kyler is Senior Environmental Studies major at Texas State University. Kyler grew up in Rockport, Texas where his interest in the outdoors and geography grew. He enjoys fishing, hunting, rock climbing and watersports.
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Taylor Dorn
Taylor Dorn is a senior at Texas State University who is majoring in physical geography and a minor in geology. His interests include geology, baseball, football, hiking, and cooking. His sweet tea, burgers, and chili will be world famous very soon.
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