Cory Vardaman Joe Clark
Cory Joe
Originally from Inez, Texas, Cory Vardaman is the Project Manager. He served six years in the United States Army, including two deployments overseas.  Military service provided extensive real-world experience with geography, maps, areal images, and GPS. It also provided an opportunity to work in cohesive teams and, later, to lead small teams. In Apache Tracker team, he follows a "soft"management approach, encouraging group member participation, independence, and input. My name is Joe Clark and I am studying to get my undergraduate degree In Geographic Information Science. I will be graduating In May 2012. I really enjoy the analysis that can be done by GIS systems. I believe if we can to understand how things relate spatially then we can better understand our world and utilize our resources to the full potential and with the most efficiency.
Ethan Roberts Lisa Albanese
Ethan Lisa
Ethan Roberts attends Texas State University-San Marcos where he is pursuing a BS in G.I. Science with an emphasis in Remote Sensing and a minor in Plant and Soil Science.  He will go on to pursue a Masters in Geography. Lisa is a postgrad working on her GIS certificate at Texas State University. Her emphasis is technical geography and geology– volcanology and plate tectonics. She will begin her Masters in Computer Information Systems in Fall 2012.


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