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Welcome to Apache Tracker Geospatial Website

Apache Tracker Geospatial is tasked to work with the City of New Braunfels Police Department to provide a warrant visualization tool using ArcGIS.



The Apache Tracker Geospatial Team's ultimate objective is to provide the City of New Braunfels Police Department with a GIS based tool that will increase the efficiency of the warrant serving process. The team will develop an automated tool that, using data already available within the City government and Police Department, will graphically display the location of active warrants on a map for officers and dispatch to reference. Ease of use is of prime importance. The tool will be user-friendly and highly automated, allowing for effective use by personnel unfamiliar with the GIS software. The regularly updated map(s) will:

  • Allow officers to proactively pursue outstanding warrants.

  • Increase officer safety when responding to calls.

  • Assist in route planning and strategy in warrant round up operations.


Without enforcement laws become hollow gestures. When an individual commits a Class C Misdemeanor offence a fine is assessed. Failure to pay this fine results in the issue of a warrant for his or her arrest. Unfortunately, many of these warrants remain un-served for months—or even years—after issue. This situation results not only in offenders feeling that they can "get away with it" but it also generates a considerable administrative backlog. The City of New Braunfels estimates that it has 1,200 un-served local warrants alone, representing about 4 million dollars in unpaid fines. However, these numbers do not indicate a lack of expertise or commitment on the part officers and staff of the city police department but, instead, illustrate the limitations of the current information management system. The incorporation of GIS into law enforcement planning and operations holds the potential to greatly enhance the efficiency and accuracy with which the officers of New Braunfels Police Department perform their vital service to the community.


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