Geo 4427 - Fall 2015
Professor: Dr. Yihong Yuan
Lab Instructor: David Szpakowski
GeoJays consulting is a Texas based firm located in San Marcos. GeoJays Consulting aims to bring GIS to Environmental efforts. In doing so we seek to improve the capabilities of those efforts.
GeoTX consulting is based out of Central Texas. We aim to use GIS in order to help urban management improve its capabilities in order to create a more effective management system.
Green City Geotech is a consulting firm based in San Marcos, TX. Green City GeoTech strives to be a firm which works with municipalities in order to create a more environmentally friendly future.
Nmotion GIS is a consulting firm which brings the latest GIS techniques to our clients. Nmotion GIS primarily works on telling history through GIS so people will gain all new appreciations for various places and features.

KMRS consulting is a consulting firm based out of Central Texas. We strive to bring the capabilities of GIS into urban planning and management in order to create more effective and environmentally friendly urban management systems.