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Thomas Dowling
Thomas Dowling is pursuing a BS in Geography with a concentration in GIS and minor in geology. Mr. Dowling will graduate in the spring of 2014 and plans to continue his education in a master’s program in either GIS or geology. His professional interest includes applying GIS techniques to oil and natural gas reservoir mapping as well as using geology for exploration. Thomas has completed course work regarding remote sensing applications as well as geodatabase building. He enjoys learning and working on challenging projects or tasks.

Peter A. Vogt
Peter A. Vogt is an enterprising urban and regional Planning Major. Peter is scheduled to graduate in December, 2013 with a certificate in GIS from Texas State University. He completed course work with a focus on transportation systems and urban design. Peter enjoys overcoming challenges and time well spent.
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Alfredo Perez Jurado
Alfredo Perez Jurado will graduate on December 2013 with a BS in Geography and a concentration in GIS. Along with courses concentrating primarily on GIS, Alfredo has also completed coursework in Field Methods, Remote Sensing and Maps and Mapmaking. He enjoys working on physical as well as cultural projects. He intends to pursue a career in geospatial sciences and cartography.
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Hunter Krenek
Hunter Krenek is pursuing a BS degree at Texas State University with a major in GIS and a minor in Spanish; he is graduating in December of 2013. His professional interests include the cultural and physical applications of GIS and Remote Sensing software for the betterment of communities, as well as their applications in the field of Archaeology. Hunter enjoys learning the advantages of different software packages; he is proficient in Arc GIS and Erdas Imagine and acquainted with Adobe Illustrator, Manifold, and Google Earth.
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Project Scope : Freeman Ranch, San Marcos, Texas
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