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Project Overview
    The primary goal of this project will be to build a digital geodatabase that will enable future research and assist in the maintenance of the ranch. Secondary goals for this project include map generation for an atlas and an illustrated brochure, including a land-cover classification for Acacia farnesiana. GeoTrek will collect as much data as possible to build a comprehensive geodatabase for Freeman Center in accordance with specifications established by Dr. Huebner and Chris Thomas (general manager of the ranch). This database will be used to enhance the teaching, outreach, and research the ranch can provide for students and visitors. The map atlas and brochure will cover the physical and cultural features of the ranch.

    The methodology for the project will consist of designing a conceptual model based around the features desired for the geodatabase. Then Geotrek collected data by using GPS units, digitizing data, and using current Google KMZ or KML files and ESRI geodatabase files. Using this information GeoTrek built a geodatabase and atlas of maps depicting the cultural features of Freeman Center using ESRI ArcMap 10.1 and Erdas Imagine software suites.

    The final product met goals for the project successfully and punctually. Before Geotrekís contribution Freeman center didnít have any geospatial data. Now, they have an operational geospatial database. This will be a major asset to their operations and will function far into the future.

Project Scope : Freeman Ranch, San Marcos, Texas
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