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San Marcos Airport Layout


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The first deliverable of our planning study was to examine the feasibility of extending runways at the San Marcos Airport. These longer runways can possibly allow growth of the Airport and the City of San Marcos, who owns the facility.  These longer runways may attract larger jet aircraft such as, The Gulfstream Aerospace IV (G450) to utilize the facility, which in turn could increase the profitability of the Airport.  Two runways were examined.  They are 13-31 and 17-35.  The primary precision runway at the Airport is 13-31.  This runway has an illuminated lighting system (ILS) for landing planes in inclement weather conditions.  Currently, this runway is approximately 5,600 feet in length and 150 feet in width.  One goal of this study is to model the extension of this runway to 6,400 feet or a length determined to be suitable based on analysis using GIS. 


The second deliverable of the study was to provide a Controlled Compatibility Land Use map as defined by the Texas Airport Zoning Act.  This map details current land uses based on aerial photography collected in July of 2012.  The extent of this map corresponds with aerial imagery provided by TXDOT.


The third deliverable of this project was to provide an airport hazard zoning map of imaginary surfaces as defined by Federal Aviation Administration code 14 CFR 77.  These surfaces model protected zones as defined by the code for both runways 13-31 and 17-35.  The surfaces include the Runway Protection Zone, Runway Object Free Zone, Runway Safety Area, Threshold Siting Surface, Approach Surface, and the Glideslope Qualification Surface.  Analysis of local objects such as trees, houses, railroads, and other elevated structures were tested against the CFR 77 surfaces of runways 13-31 and 17-35.





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