The City of Newbraunfels Parks and Recreations Departments Asset Management Project

Being another city looking to improve on its asset management, New Braunfels is looking to create an asset GIS schema for their Parks and Recreations Department with the ultimate goal of it being implemented into their existing Accela asset management system. Integrating GIS with a management system like Accela can be extremely useful to any city. Our team The G.A.M.E.S. (Geospatial Asset Management Engineering Solutions) at Texas State University believe that such an endeavor will result in the Parks and Recreations Department being able to better manage their assets and infrastructure, predict maintenance costs months in advance, track/place work orders, track employee’s time, inventorying and many other cost and time saving applications/solutions for their parks.



"Accela Automation provides an integrated asset and work management solution for public works activities such as: critical infrastructures like (dams, waste water systems, bridges, etc.) as well as facilities like hospitals, banks, and telecommunications systems. ¬†With Accela Automation, there is no limit to the number and type of assets the department can inventory. Each asset’s condition, value, preventative maintenance schedule, and historical maintenance records can be tracked to assist with GASB 34/35 reporting."