Geographic Resource Analysis and Maintenance

    The Five Mile Dam Soccer Complex is owned by Hays County, maintained by the city of San Marcos, and is used by numerous sports groups of all ages. The city maintains the complex by replacing and/or fixing the old or broken features, such as light bulbs, sprinkler heads in need of repair, and general inventory that needs to be replaced. We will be working to provide the city of San Marcos with a detailed geodatabase concerning all features provided and maintained within the Five Mile Dam Soccer Complex.

    The objective of this study is to expand the geodatabase for the Five Mile Soccer Dam Complex with a focus on collecting GPS and attribute data for all the requested features of the soccer complex, establishing a methodology for collecting features which can be used for future city projects, and modeling the layout geospatially of the soccer complex. The project will be accomplished through the use of field methods to help gather and display geospatial information, as well as the option for clients to input which features need maintaining.

    The primary objective of this project is to collect attribute data associated with requested features and amenities within the Five Mile Dam Complex and establish a geodatabase of these amenities that can be applied to all city sports facilities in the future. In order to do this we will model a layout of the soccer complex with precise data input collected with an advanced GPS unit. Upon collection we will then file a geodatabase including not only the data dictionary mentioned above but also a more thorough feature analysis that can be provided and accessed for the city of San Marcos. Once the geodatabase has been created, we will model a detailed layout of the park that can be easily referenced with the geodatabase.

    We researched and developed the criteria for the preservation and maintenance of city sports facilities by establishing an amenity file geodatabase. Upon completion of the project, the City of San Marcos will be better equipped to maintain the Five Mile Dam Soccer Complex‚Äôs original functionality and aesthetic beauty for decades to come.

Final Product
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