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    Rio Vista Park is 14 acres banking the San Marcos River. The Park is located approximately 1.25 miles downriver from the headwaters of San Marcos River. The area is primarily used for recreational purposes and includes amenities such as a swimming pool, picnic areas, indoor restrooms, and areas for basketball or tennis. This semester Central Texas Geospatial Consulting (CTGC) plans to take over the task of surveying the park area to establish a GIS-based inventory of current park features. Once we complete this task, we will then determine the best way to handle the impervious coverage in the park and prepare possible changes that can be made to help alleviate any negative outcomes the impervious coverage causes. At the end of the semester, CTGC plans to present the City of San Marcos a map of the Rio Vista Park providing San Marcos Parks and Recreation a geodatabase of the park.

    This study will create a visual map of Rio Vista Park that the City of San Marcos will be able to provide to the community and other interested parties. CTGC will be collecting GIS points of amenities at the park; Table 1 shows a detailed list of points collected. By generating a geodatabase of Rio Vista Park, San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department will then have a template that can be used on all of the city parks or green spaces. In the process of observing and mapping Rio Vista Park, CTGC will also provide suggestions to the San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department about possible changes with the impervious coverage that is currently in use around the park. These suggested changes will recommend removal of some of the impervious coverage and moving some the remaining impervious coverage away from the San Marcos River in order to help the river ecosystem and the improve the visual appeal for all of the community to enjoy.

There are two main objectives we will meet with our data; first we will create a precise and user-friendly inventory of park and green space features. Second we will propose plans to minimize, mitigate and maintain the impervious cover found at Rio Vista Park.

Objective 1: Park Inventory

  • Task One: Collect Data and Browse Supplied Data
  • Task Two: Begin Park Inventory
  • Task Three: Impervious Coverage Analysis
  • Task Four: Post processing

Objective 2: Mitigation of Impervious Cover
  • Task One: Measure the Current Area
  • Task Two: Analyze the Impact of Existing Cover
  • Task Three: Investigate Methods to reduce Impervious Cover
  • Task Four: Mitigate Impervious Cover

Rio Vista Park
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