Geo 4427 - Spring 2014
Professor: Dr. Alberto Giordano
Lab Instructor: Ryan Schuermann
Environmental GeoSpatial Consulting is a U.S. based firm that excels at helping clients to accomplish their goals. GIS experts at E.G.S.C. utilize advanced tools and artistic instincts to deliver clear and accurate information in a timely fashion.
Founded in 2014, GeoTrek: The Next Generation is a young GIS consulting firm committed to providing high quality analysis and tools for its clients in order to solve geospatial problems.
GeoTex is a Geographic Information Science consulting company based out of San Marcos, Texas. We combine our knowledge of GIS and a strong work ethic to provide our clients with exemplary services and products.
Dynamic Geo Solutions is a GIS consulting firm committed to conducting optimum GIS in Texas. We are innovative GIS professionals pushing the limits of GIS software to assist our clients reach their goals at an affordable price. Dynamic Geo Solutions strives to develop GIS for a diverse collection of clients that demand exquisite GIS.