Taking Spatial Analysis to a Higher Level

Welcome to GeoGurus: Taking Spatial Analysis to a Higher Level. GeoGurus is a non-profit, student-run collaborative that emphasises the human side of geographical questions and solutions. We strive to find the best possible solutions for our clients within the specified deadlines as well as provide top-notch tools and support for continued use of our products.

This is all achieved through a zen-like approach to project organization, planning, research, and timing to truly put your company's project on a higher plane.

Our Current Project:

We have been tasked by the Lion's Club in Wimberley, Texas to assist them in solutions to increase the efficiency and enjoyability of their world-famous Wimberley Market Days trade fair. Through data acquisition and processing, meetings and presentations, and a few late night idea sessions we have designed a number of solutions to meet their needs. Click this link for the documentation



Timeline for Wimberley Project

Received RFP
Presentation for RFP
Progress report
Presentation of options
Final Presentation

Market Days Photos