Project Information

The scope of this project is based on the locations of the three PPLT owned properties that are managed for land, water, air, and wildlife protection. The Colorado River Refuge (CRR) located south of the city of Bastrop will be our primary area of concentration for creating a geographic information system. Additionally we are expected to collect GPS data on the various elements located within each of the preserves. The Yegua Knobbs Preserve (YKP), located North West of McDade, Texas and Billig Ranch (BR), near the city of Paige, Texas will be secondary areas of interest requiring the same concentration as CRR.


          Since the primary goal of this project is to create a geodatabase for PPLT, the structure of our GIS is of utmost importance. After meeting with Melanie Snyder, Executive Director for PPLT, AGP has learned which features should be identified in the GIS.  The major features to be delineated include: parking lots (polygons), trail head signs (points), trails (lines), handicap accessible areas (lines), bridges (lines), trail features (points), water diversion areas (polygons), ponds (polygons), gardens (polygons), benches (points).  We will add any other features deemed relevant as well. All major features will be given a separate layer with tables that will define each unique feature. Depending on the quality of data AGP can collect, these attribute tables will include geographic coordinates and other levels of measurement deemed applicable.
A new venture for Arma-Geo Products lies in creating interactive maps.  AGP will determine which method will best be suited for creating the interactive map. Once completed, we will link the map to the public through the web. Arma-Geo Products will conduct more research on creating the interactive map, and test the techniques and procedures to be used before delivering the final product to PPLT.


This proposal describes the techniques and information Arma-Geo Products will use in order to design and implement a useful geodatabase that can be used for future analysis, project planning, and management. The database will contain spatial and descriptive data in regards to park boundaries and features found within the park. In addition to the geodatabase, Arma-Geo Products will provide Pines and Prairies Land Trust with various maps that will be used for brochures, posters, and park maps. An interactive map will also be designed and given to Pines and Prairies Land Trust for use on their website. We will review any data that was already collected by Pines and Prairies Land Trust, and personally collect any additional data needed on features within the Colorado River Refuge. Our project will be delivered to Pines and Prairies Land Trust in the form of a CD. This disc will contain all reports, maps, data, metadata, presentations, and instructions on how to use the CD. This proposal includes a timetable and budget. This project will include a final poster and CD that will be turned in to the Geography department. Our team hopes to provide the Pines and Prairies Land Trust with a useful set of information that can aid in future planning and development within the Colorado River Refuge. We believe our geodatabase design will provide Pines and Prairies Land Trust with a valuable resource that will expand their capabilities, and increase the success of their conservation practices.