Geography 4427 - Fall 2011

Bobcat Geospatial Solutions Bobcat Geospatial Solutions
Bobcat Geospatial Solutions (BGS) was assigned a project by the Hill Country Alliance (HCA) to collect data and analyze groundwater level conditions within the HCA area of study. We created a map-based product that would show color-coded groundwater levels given in a percentile range.
We helped the GBRT with three tasks crucial to not only protecting the whooping crane, but all GBRT's Central Texas extent. These tasks include: Creating a base GIS for GBRT, putting mapped easements in digital form, and finding suitable habitat locations for the endangered whooping crane.
Welcome to Environmental Cooperative Consulting's group project website. Our project was done in conjunction with the San Marcos River System Institute. Our Project was to create a a working water model in program called BASINS. This project was perfomed during Fall 2011 by Nathan Montgomery and Brian Baker.
City of Austin Tree Shade Analysis
The Texas State University organized project was split into two teams due to the workload and the time frame provided. AUT was in charge of trail shade analysis for the City of Austin while SSOCT was in charge of the street shade analysis. Both teams worked in conjunction to produce products with equal quality, accuracy, and visual representation.