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Although much has been done to understand, quantify, and delineate the natural and environmental hazards affecting the Greater Houston area, there have not been any efforts to spatially display the shelter network that is utilized by the Greater Houston Area Chapter of the American Red Cross (GHAC). Emergency Management Solutions Group (E.M.S. Group) set out to give the GHAC a tool that could be used to save lives. Utilizing geographic information systems (GIS), we gave the GHAC a very detailed and organized geographic information system that we felt would best serve not only the community, but also the GHAC organization. In our research we looked at multiple shelter sites, floodplain information, socioeconomic factors as well as hurricane surge zones, and chemical plants. It is our hope that the work we invested will streamline efficiency and decision making process of the GHAC staff and volunteers when an event occurs as well as plan for and coordinate during a disaster event.

The objectives for this project included:

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