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Paul's Lead with Yale

Dr. Alberto Giordano
3rd Feb 2013

As concerns Paul's lead with Yale, it is really exciting and worth pursuing! They might not be strong in geography but they are so in a much bigger market (the historians, art historian and, I would assume, many others in social sciences). But the point about our works' fit into the discipline of geography is an important one, especially as concerns the funding of future projects. During our recent conversations with NSF, a suggestion was made to consider three programs, all essentially GIScience-related. That's something we need to keep in mnd. I am not sure what we should do about this, other than we keep trying to cultivate an audience in geography...


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The Holocaust Geographies website

Dr. Waitman W. Beorn
12th Jan 2013

For what it's worth (and probably not a lot), I don't like red either. I like something simple (like perhaps the Yad Vashem website Yad Vashem Website Link Example) I'm gonna have to disagree with Alberto because perhaps he is just an old man ;-) but I think the social media stuff (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) is, in this circumstance, not just for sites that are geared to consumers nor should the social media be episodic but rather a continuous (though light) stream. Examples: our Twitter feed would post content relevant to geographies of the Holocaust (that everyone would help keep Paul and I aware of when they come across them). Our Facebook feed could do likewise as well as to publicize events that the public can attend. The Pinterest feed could be used to promote and display online stills of visualizations (either that we have created or that we find worth sharing). Before we create the accounts, we should probably have a color scheme and potentially logo.

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Happy New Year!
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…The reconstruction of worlds is one of the historian’s most important tasks. He undertakes it, not from some strange urge to dig up archives and sift through old paper, but because he wants to talk with the dead. By putting questions to documents and listening to replies, he can sound dead souls and take the measure of the societies they inhabited. If we lost all contact with the worlds we have lost, we would be condemned to live in a two-dimensional, time-bound present, and our own world would turn flat.
-Robert Darnton

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