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Kathryn Morris
Kathryn Morris is working towards obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Science (GIS) and a Minor in Computer Science. Upon graduating in May 2014, she plans to pursue a field that uses technology to help with the implementation of environmental practices.

Nicholas Down
Nick Down is pursuing a BS in Geography with a concentration in Urban and Regional Planning. He also has focused on many courses regarding GIS and has completed the certification program offered by Texas State. He is interested in pursuing a career as a planner and hopes to use his knowledge of GIS to help provide clients with a better perspective of the projects they are working with. He will graduate in May of 2014.
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Travis Hamel
Benjamin Hamel is currently twenty three and pursuing a BS in Geographic Information Science and a minor in Business administration. Projected graduation date is June 2014 where he will move back to Houston and hopefully pursue a career in the Oil and Gas industry.
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Flood Model Area of Interest: Freeman Ranch
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