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Nadine Oliver
Nadine Oliver is currently a junior and will graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Geography with a concentration in Geographic Information Science and minors in International Studies and Honors Studies. After graduation she intends to continue her education and pursue a Masters of Geography to develop her research skills. She has participated in international exchange programs, received numerous academic awards, served on a university committee, and held a leadership position in the geography honors society.

Andrea Nieto
Andrea Nieto is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Geography with a minor in Business Administration, along with a GIS certificate. She will be graduating May 2013. After graduation, she will be seeking employment in the GIS field. Her long time goal is to complete a Graduate degree in Land Use Planning.

Bryan Heisinger
Bryan Heisinger hails from Texas State University where many dedicated hours and personal sacrifice have been put forth on his behalf in hopes of achieving a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology. His academic achievement is far from stopping here though. As a secondary focus of study, Mr. Heisinger has chosen Geographic Information Systems. Following Graduation he would like to pursue a career in archaeology and travel the United States searching for past remains that will potentially change history.

Matthew Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell is currently working on a Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Systems and a minor in Business Administration, and is expected to graduate in May 2013. Matt has attended Texas State University all four years and has enjoyed all the educational and social experiences San Marcos, Tx has to offer. Matt's dream job would be to take his GIS and business skills and apply them with a position with a National Parks organization focusing on conservation and preservation programs, hopefully involving him to travel from time to time to different parks all over the United States.

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