Martindale was established in 1855 by George and Nancy Martindale, pioneers from Mississippi.  Together these founders, with the help of various merchants and farmers, established a strong communal foundation that can still be found within this city today.  Although Martindale is very much reminiscent of what is was many years ago, this small city’s needs have changed and are growing right alongside the increase in population and popularity of Central Texas.  The City of Martindale now seeks to update their maps and data that are vital to the City’s ability to manage their growth and communication with the growing cities that surround them.  The creation of digital maps will allow the City of Martindale to modernize existing city policies, update zoning laws, and manage wastewater system expansion and development.  In addition, city leaders will have ability to easily update maps as needed and to direct future growth appropriately.

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The City of Martindale last updated city policies and ordinances approximately 20 years ago.  The popularity of the Texas Hill Country has caused rapid expansion of all the cities surrounding Martindale.  In order to maintain the standard of living and sense of community the city now enjoys as well as protect the city’s ability to expand and grow in the future, it has become necessary to modernize city policies and ordinances.  The City of Martindale city leaders sought the help of Texas State University’s Advanced GIS students to assist in this process.  The city is modifying their zoning policy, has recently expanded both the city limits and the ETJ, and has no readily accessible information about the location of their wastewater lines, manholes and clean-outs.  The city is in need of updated maps showing zoning, city limit and ETJ changes and wastewater system layout as well as digital maps and data to facilitate future changes. An additional last minute request was to link the delinquent waste water clients to the parcel data in order to derive the physical location of the delinquent properties.

















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