Geography 4427
Advanced Geographic Information Systems II
- Spring 2007 -

In this capstone undergraduate GIS course at Texas State University-San Marcos, students worked as teams on real-world GIS projects. These projects were designed and conducted by the students under the direction of Dr. Alberto Giordano and Jason Ferrell. This course helped students develop and demonstrate competence in applying GIS techniques to actual geographic questions. Click on the links below to find detailed information about each of the groups and their projects.


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The aim of this project is to determine the cost of providing elevation certificates which are necessary to obtain flood insurance to low-income areas within the City of San Marcos that fall within the flood plain.

The purpose of the study is to help the City of San Marcos in regulating their chlorine levels.  We will analyze the chemical levels of the water as it moves through the waterlines.  This will show how quickly the chlorine decreases due to chemical reactions in the system.  We will also provide graphs comparing the TTHMs, HAA5s, and Chlorine levels to determine any possible correlations.

The purpose of this task is to provide a spatial model of each floor of 7 buildings in Central Campus to assist decision making in the facilities management process.

Our project will bring a better understanding of the growth and development of Hays County as it affects factors of agriculture, suburban land use, water availability, and the population as a whole. We will introduce the concept of sustainable agriculture as a means of resolving the growing conflict between rapidly expanding suburban areas and preserving the rural landscape.

Our goal is to provide Wimberley Valley Watershed Association (WVWA) with maps of Jacob's Well so that they can better communicate the importance of the spring to local authorities, policy makers, and the general public.  We will also identify some steps that are necessary to protect it in the future.