GIS 4426 / Spring 2006

Advanced Geographic Information Systems II

Geographical Analyses of Texas State University-San Marcos & Austin, TX

Text Box: In this Capstone Undergraduate GIS course at Texas State University-San Marcos, students worked as teams on real-world GIS projects. These projects were designed and conducted by the students under the direction of Dr. Yongmei Lu and Teia Brumgard. This class helped students develop and demonstrate competence in using GIS techniques while solving real world problems. Click on the links below to find detailed information about each of the groups and their projects.

The following are links to group Web pages containing their project information:

Identifying a route for sections Five and Six of State Highway 130 which is a proposed tollway currently being built in the greater Austin metropolitan area

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TRANS will analyze the current bicycle infrastructure within the city of San Marcos and combine our results with the San Marcos Transportation Master Plan and the TxState Campus Master Plan to recommend the safest, most effective and fluid biking system for the city of San Marcos.

The Texas State University Environmental Service Committee plans to replace all of the collection receptacles throughout campus. It is Geosolve’s task to       determine the locations for the new receptacles.

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