In this Capstone Undergraduate GIS course at Texas State University-San Marcos, students worked as teams on real-world GIS projects. These projects were designed and conducted by the students under the direction of Dr. Yongmei Lu and Nikki Williams. This class helped students develop and demonstrate competence in using GIS techniques while solving real world problems. Click on the links below to find detailed information about each of the groups and their projects.

This study aims to identify areas for:
- landscaping improvement
- the creation of a campus arboretum
This project focuses on:
- the analysis of campus safety issues
- the improvement of crime prevention and student body safety
This study identifies:
- locations for new commuter parking
- alternative routes for buses and drivers
- locations for installing new sidewalks
This project aims to:
- create an easier to use information system to better advertise the Disability Service’s accommodations
- to improve the mobility of any person that visits our campus