Super GPS Brothers

    The Super GPS Bros. project is on data collection methodology with GIS and GPS. As well as integration of collected data with Pontem Cemetery management software. The Super GPS Bros were tasked with developing a repeatable method of data collection for creating a spatial inventory of the San Marcos Cemetery, we started with sections of the Ramsay Addition.

    The purpose of our project is to develop and begin to implement a data collection methodology for the City of San Marcos to create a geospatial inventory of the San Marcos cemetery. Our Project is also to ensure the data we collect is spatially accurate and correctly attributed to be integrated into Pontem Cemetery management software.

    We utilized several GPS methodologies in developing out specific methods for data collection. Once we tested and rejected several methods of collection we developed the final method of collection and implemented it on the section of the cemetery we could.

    Our goal of developing a methodology of GPS data collection was successful. We worked through several methods of collection and developed one that is simple and can be applied to other projects with only minor tweaks. However, due to weather and other factors, we were unable to fully complete the collection outlined initially.

Digitizing the San Marcos cemetery
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