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Sara Breit
Sara Breit is graduating December 2015 with a B. S. in Resource and Environmental Studies, and a certificate in Geographic Information Science. She lives in San Angelo with her daughter Sonora, and will be working as a GIS Developer for the city. Her hobbies include camping, sewing, and reading novels. Her geographic interests include design and management of recreational parks, network analyst in public safety and law enforcement, and teaching others to implement geographic systems to improve efficiency. She really enjoyed GEO 4427 and working with the GeoJays on the Westcave project.
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David Mills
David is a former Non-Commission Officer and veteran of the U.S. Army graduating from Texas State University with a B.S. in Geographic Information Science in May of 2016.  David’s daughter, Faith, was born on April 28, 2015.  He enjoys living with his daughter and Janelle, the wonderful mother of his child, and her two sons Jacob, 13 years old, and Seth, 11 years old.  When David is not tutoring kids, playing with his daughter or enjoying Janelle’s company, he is a member of the American Association of Geographers and he does volunteer grant-writing work with a non-profit organization in Austin, Texas.  His Geography interest are in Applied Geography, Geography Education, Geographic Information Science and Systems, Health and Medical Geography, Qualitative Research, and Spatial Analysis and Modeling.
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Daniela Castro
Daniela Castro is an inquisitive geospatial analyst that explores all questions through the lens of an anthropologist. Her preferred language is Hebrew, but will always pick up a Spanish novel when shopping at Book People. Her academic passions are statistics, GIS, and design. Her favorite team during her undergraduate experience was the GeoJays, which was comprised of Sara Breit, David Mills, and Dylan Ham. Talented, diverse team members, with differing perspectives came together to provide a reference map to the Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center. This was Daniela’s favorite moment during her last year at Texas State University. An equally rivaling experience is the mentorship and guidance she received by staff in the geography department, especially Dr.Yuan.
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Dylan Ham
Dylan Ham is graduating December 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology and a Bachelor of Science in Geographical Information Science. After graduation, he intends to gain work experience before pursuing a Masters degree at a later date.
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