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Department of Geography -Texas State University

Backyard GIS.

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Details about Backyard GISí project

Prepared by Backyard GIS Fall 2010

This projectís study area is the entire City of San Marcos, Texas. (The city is located along the Interstate 35 corridor between Austin and San Antonio).† The objective of Backyard GISí project is to determine neighborhood commission distribution by sector population.† The purpose of Backyard GISí project is to prove or disprove the council membersí hypothesis that the sectors on the East side of Interstate 35 are currently underrepresented.† The final study of Backyard GISí project suggests that there is little to support the idea that extra representation is needed for Sector #5 and Sector $6. Additionally, a closer look at the result chart suggests the possibility that the city might benefit from revising the current sector map altogether.