T.A.G.S produced a project entitled Analysis of Texas Fatal Traffic Crashes, which identifies spatial trends and patterns of fatal traffic crashes in the state of Texas for 2008 by looking at several different factors specific to vehicle drivers, driver age groups, roadway conditions, roadway types, various driver factors and other related issues involved in the fatal crashes. The study focuses on using geographic analysis through the use of Geographic Information Systems in conjunction with various traffic accident datasets in order to draw conclusions and provide a spatial visualization of the fatal crashes and the factors involved. The project is intended to provide helpful information and analysis to public and private sectors in order to gain a better understanding of fatal traffic crashes and the factors involved in the crashes. Along with the tragic loss of lives it is also important to study and analyze fatal crashes because of the annual cost to the state of Texas. This study identifies some problem areas and factors that can be looked at in order to aid in the development of preventative measures and policy-making decisions.