Geography 4427
Advanced Geographic Information Systems II
- Fall 2006 -

In this capstone undergraduate GIS course at Texas State University-San Marcos, students worked as teams on real-world GIS projects. These projects were designed and conducted by the students under the direction of Dr. Alberto Giordano and Joshua Bailey. This course helped students develop and demonstrate competence in applying GIS techniques to actual geographic questions. Click on the links below to find detailed information about each of the groups and their projects.

FADDEN Geospatial Solutions The goals and objectives of this project are to analyze the locations of the existing fire stations so as to assess the accessibility and response time of fire station services for the City of San Marcos.  This project will examine the sites for zoning regulations, fire community planning, existing infrastructure and utilities, proposed roadway extensions, and ecosystem concerns. Flood zones and railroad crossings within the city will also be considered in the analysis.
This project will include analyzing annual income levels and minority classifications in the floodplain areas to assess the ability of at-risk residents to actually reach designated shelters. This study will also provide locations of potential emergency shelters that currently exist or are being planned for the newly developed areas within the ETJ of the City of San Marcos. This information will be based on the Master Plan recently developed by the City of San Marcos.
PGSM The purpose of this project is to create a high resolution map that defines existing wireless networks in the City of San Marcos
RioGeo Environmental Solutions This project assists Texas State University researchers to better understand certain aspects of the Upper Guadalupe River, specifically the geomorphology and hydrology.

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