Geography 4427 - Advanced GIS II

Spring 2005

EAGLE - Evacuation Analysts for Geo-Referenced Locations and Events
San Marcos Flood Analysis

Due to a unique set of geomorphologic and hydrological aspects, the residents of San Marcos, Texas are always under the threat of sudden flooding. The objective of this study is to highlight dangerous areas during different flood categories in San Marcos, and through GIS analysis identify safe alternatives to these areas.

Lone Star Spatial Solutions
Identifying Two Locations for a Future Texas State University at San Antonio with the Goal of Increasing Hispanic Enrollment

While attendance in higher education is on the rise, student recruitment has disproportionately overlooked the fastest growing segment of the Texas population, Hispanic-Americans. For the purpose to better serve Texans and also to promote the role of Texas State University in serving this fast growing Hispanic population, Lone Star Spatial Solutions has worked to choose multiple sites in southwest San Antonio that meet specific criteria for a Texas State University satellite campus.

Texas Resource & Environmental Engineering Services
Assessing Biodiversity Concerns of Urban Sprawl and Projecting Smart Growth in Hays County, Texas

As human population continues to expand into the natural environment, efforts must be made to protect and preserve the biodiversity of plant and animal species.  Our analyses recommend areas for land development and ‘smart growth’ – where the expansion of human activities will have the least adverse effect on the habitats of selected ‘indicator’ species.

Texas State Department of Geography Texas State University - San Marcos