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This report analyzes healthcare in Hays, Travis, and Williamson counties based on 2003 Emergency Department (ED) information obtained from the Indigent Care Collaboration (ICC) and local demographic information. An overview of the spatial and temporal patterns of ED use, combined with demographic analysis of the population provides the basis for recommendations. The report will concentrate on five specific areas: Service areas for existing EDs, population growth, emergency department utilization, distribution of wealth compared to the uninsured population, and variances in efficiency of travel to EDs. The final recommendations of the report will include methods to reduce ED overcrowding including both augmentation of existing facilities and construction of new facilities, an analysis of current trends towards reducing overcrowding, correlations between uninsured population and income, an overview of uninsured hospitalization, and a general discussion on population change in the central Texas region.



The purpose of this project was to ascertain whether closed landfills in Hays County are equitable for the entire population under Environmental Justice criteria and to determine dangers with regard to use of closed landfill sites for development.

  • Examines closed landfill sites in Hays County, Texas
  • Applies environmental justice criteria
  • Analyzes current uses of closed landfill sites
  • Investigates methane gas dangers
In the fast growing pace of Williamson County Texas there was a need for a new suitability study. GeoLand Services Company answered that need with a comprehensive look at the current land use and land cover in Williamson County and planned for future land use in the areas of Urban Development, Agriculture and Recreation. The study findings indicate that the western half part of the county is mainly suitable for urban development and the eastern half of the county is well suited for agricultural practices. Suitable recreation areas were found throughout the county.



Texas State University - San Marcos



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